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Home Repair | Selling Your Home | My Tips To Get the Most For Your Home

“Homes That Sell The Fastest, Also Sell For The Most Money” Do you see that quote above?  Whether you know it or not, it’s true.  Very true!  In this article I will discuss selling your home and why you should use me to sell your home! There’s a little-known dynamic in real estate that can […]

Tom Ashworth | May 7, 2018

Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate | What You Should Know

Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate Decisions are Complicated In this article we will look at “Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate” and try to give you advice before you make a decision. 94% of purchasers last year opted for a fixed-rate mortgage at some of the lowest rates in home buying history.  Yet, some of them […]

Tom Ashworth | May 6, 2018

Pay Cash | Things You Should Know

If You Pay Cash You Should Know This It would seem that if you pay cash would be have a big advantage over getting a mortgage and having to deal with an appraisal.  If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in this situation, then you should ask yourself if at any point you would […]

Tom Ashworth | May 5, 2018

Delivering Clear Title

Delivering a clear title can be an issue when dealing with divorced or divorcing sellers of a Hill Country home. It is important for your real estate agent to be absolutely sure that all owners of the home have signed the Seller’s Property Disclosure. If another legal owner of the home is found on the […]

tashworth | Jul 22, 2014

How to Pick a Home

What, where and why are the main considerations when you pick a home.   I suggest that you decide where 1st. Where When you are deciding where you want to live it can be tricky.  You want to live in a place that suits your lifestyle. Do you have a commute to work?  If yes, then […]

tashworth | Mar 25, 2013