Home Repair | Selling Your Home | My Tips To Get the Most For Your Home

“Homes That Sell The Fastest, Also Sell For The Most Money” Do you see that quote above?  Whether you know it or not, it’s true.  Very true!  In this article I will discuss selling your home and why you should use me to sell your home! There’s a little-known dynamic in real estate that can […]

Tom Ashworth | May 7, 2018

Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate | What You Should Know

Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate Decisions are Complicated In this article we will look at “Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate” and try to give you advice before you make a decision. 94% of purchasers last year opted for a fixed-rate mortgage at some of the lowest rates in home buying history.  Yet, some of them […]

Tom Ashworth | May 6, 2018

Gold Prospecting in Texas

Gold Mining in Texas I have always been attracted to gold prospecting, treasure hunting, metal detecting and gem collecting.  Gold Prospecting in Texas can be hard to do.  There are only a few places you can find gold in Texas, but there is a history that dates back to the 1750’s.   Most people say that […]

Tom Ashworth | May 5, 2018

Pay Cash | Things You Should Know

If You Pay Cash You Should Know This It would seem that if you pay cash would be have a big advantage over getting a mortgage and having to deal with an appraisal.  If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in this situation, then you should ask yourself if at any point you would […]

Tom Ashworth | May 5, 2018

February 2018 Burnet Market Stats

In the 78611 zip code (Burnet Area) there were 89 active listings and 11 closed sales for homes. The Median Price was $356k.

Tom Ashworth | Apr 12, 2018

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Tips on How to Buy a Home Shoes, clothes, and the latest electronic gadget may be acceptable impulse purchases, but to buy a home requires careful planning and informed decision-making. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a repeat buyer, purchasing a new home is a personal and financial undertaking that requires the support of an […]

tashworth | May 29, 2015

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Approached the Year’s Lowest Level

The time for homebuyers to lock in their rates may be now. According to Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation), mortgage rates have approached the lowest level of 2014. Freddie Mac conducted the Primary Mortgage Market Survey, which indicates that the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage reached 4.12%. Last week’s rate […]

tashworth | May 24, 2015

Renting vs. Buying

Those looking for a Hill Country home often wonder if they should rent or buy. There are quite a few variables to consider when making a decision between buying and renting. If you think you may be moving within the next few years, renting is probably the better option. Renting allows for more flexibility and […]

tashworth | Jul 29, 2014

Delivering Clear Title

Delivering a clear title can be an issue when dealing with divorced or divorcing sellers of a Hill Country home. It is important for your real estate agent to be absolutely sure that all owners of the home have signed the Seller’s Property Disclosure. If another legal owner of the home is found on the […]

tashworth | Jul 22, 2014